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Smokin' Melts & Rollin' Dough
Turning Leaves Farm

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Turning Leaves Farm has been a Crawfordsville, Indiana Farmer's Market mainstay for 5 years, offering sourdough breads and the finest cinnamon rolls in Montomery County every Saturday from May to October. We are happy to serve our neighbors the best we have to offer, and now we have taken the Big Step and transitioned to a full mobile commercial kitchen, from which we transform our sourdough breads into the most delectable gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches you have ever experienced! Smokin' Melts & Rollin' Dough offers more than just a grilled cheese sandwich... we create an Experience of Cheese, paired with ingredients that complement, enhance, and bounce flavors all around your senses! Your favorite cinnamon rolls are still on the menu, but now you can have them as the dessert course to a full meal of Grilled Cheese and custom sides like Hashbrown Casserole, Sweet Cole Slaw, and Cowboy Beans. Our Signature Sandwiches are unique and full of awesome flavors, using our own smoked brisket, pork, and chicken, smoked meatballs, homemade marinara, fresh herbs, custom cheese blends, and... well, love, honestly. We love to cook, and we love to serve our people excellent food.

It's simple, and it's here in your town. We hope you enjoy!

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765-307-0761     765-307-0457


Smokin' Melts & Rollin' Dough by Turning Leaves Farm

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